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 Welcome to Pressure Management & Containment (PMC). Offering on-stream leak repair and hot tap services, along with other industrial mantenance and shut down prevention applications. Based in Southeast Texas, our firm stretches to cover from Houston ,Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisaiana. We are fully staffed to include certified breathing air personal and underwater divers trained in sub surface applications. All PMC professional staff are extensively trained to insure Safety formost and the proper company procedures to provide our customers with the Top Quality Professional Service they deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission at Pressure Management and Containment is to provide our clients with the best service possible, thereby assuring a mutually successful, long term business association. 

Company Profile

 Pressure Management & Containment is a 24 hour, Emergency Shutdown Prevention Company, serving the Refining, Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Shipping, Storage, Power, Pipeline, and Offshore industries specializing in on stream leak sealing.

 Pressure Management  & Containment is proud of its comprehensive training and safety programs, as well as our impeccable safety record. PMC personnel have previously written and developed many of the standardized procedures in use in the industry today.

 Pressure Management & Containment has the experience, Engineering and manufacturing capabilities to manufacture and install on stream leak sealing clamps and enclosures to meet all foreign and domestic codes. Pressures from vacuum to 6,000 psi and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1,800 degrees F are commonly sealed in solid, liquid and gaseous services

  With the vast array of services we perform, in addition to our knowledge and experience, Pressure Management & Containment is the definitive

Emergency Shutdown Prevention Company

Contact Information

Contact Us
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Postal address
449 Creekwood Drive, Lumberton, TX 77657
Electronic mail
General Information: info@fixleaks.com

Sales: Bruce Grimes : CEO/President
            Bill McGough : Sales

Customer Support: Technical Support
                                            Michael Sanders : Field Supervisor

Webmaster: webmaster@fixleaks.com


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