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Pressure Management & Containment has a wide variety of products available for our on-stream leak sealing services. Below you will find links to descriptions and procedures of our many safely proven ways in obtaining Shutdown Prevention thus saving incalculable fines and losses due to downtime.

Flange Clamps

Used to repair flanges with leaking gaskets while still under pressure and operating.

Line Enclosures

Used to repair piping with holes, corrosion, etc. while still in service.

 Valve Packing Repairs

Cant shut down to repack that valve? No problem...we can help!

Valve Seat Repairs

How many times have you tried to close that valve and it would still bleed by? Well, that is no longer a problem.

Much Much More....

If you have a problem that is not listed here, feel free to contact us @ support@fixleaks.com . We can fix it!


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